Wojciech Kalarus was born in Będzin on 12 December, 1968. He is a theatre and film actor and director, a graduate of the Danuta Baduszkowa Singing and Acting Studio at the Musical Theatre in Gdynia and of PWST in Kraków. He debuted at Teatr Wielki in Warsaw in Wojciech Bogusławski's  Krakowiacy i górale, czyli cud mniemany in 1991.

He is a versatile actor, known for his great dramatic and comedic talent. For years he has been working with the most eminent Polish theatre directors, e.g. Krystian Lupa, Grzegorz Jarzyna, Jan Klata, Michał Zadara, Piotr Cieplak.

Wojciech Kalarus also directed the Polish version of the American TV series Web Therapy.

Since 2008, Wojciech Kalarus has been the member of the Nowy Teatr ensemble. His first role for Krzysztof Warlikowski was in (A)pollonia. He also collaborated with director and dramaturge Piotr Gruszczyński on the adaptation of Koniec in 2010.

He is also a columnist, voice lecturer and runs classes at a private acting school.

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