Through educational projects we provide conditions for creative encounters and offer the participants various forms of action, using the methods of different arts. Our goal is to refer to current social phenomena, and our main assumption is to allow room for expression. We promote an open attitude, freedom in art, non-discriminatory and empathetic attitudes.

Workshops, meetings and lectures we organize concern different fields of art, science and knowledge of the world and are addressed to professionals and enthusiasts. We establish a dialogue in order to develop the relationship between the theatre and its audience.

We have been following the dynamic migration situation for a long time and responding to the needs of people with refugee experience. Olena Apczel, a director and playwright from Ukraine, as well as a manager of social projects, was invited to work with us. The main idea of the programme is to build intercultural sensitivity and to create a platform for creative activities around the themes of migration. Through social projects our theatre wishes to become a safe place for the non-normative diversity. The war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis it has brought makes us reformulate social activities planned for this year. We will announce a new programme soon. In 2022, we invite you to reflect on ageing. Old age is the future of all of us. Growing old is a very complex process, full of contradictions. What will old age be like for today's 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds, and how can we think about it in order to understand it and embrace it? What are the strategies we can use to face the ageing process? How can we practice reflecting on it?

As part of the project Hey Old Man! Generator of New Old Age we will carry out a series of workshops for high school students, educators and open events for people over 16 years old. Their goal is to create a set of solutions, ideas, themes for the Old Age Manual. The Manual will be a collection of practices and exercises for creative and educational activities with the "new old age”.

Together with the KRAJOBRAZ Landscape Society we invite you to take part in the intergenerational walks around the city. Topics of the walks are: A rally along the Warsaw Tatra Mountains / A city that ages well / Trouble with memory / Wałówka - the Vistula river banks.

We have been making music with the Young Orchestra of Nowy Teatr for the fifth year now. This year's meetings are accompanied by the rhythm of traditional music, songs and tunes from the Mazovia region, which thanks to imaginative participants of the MONT will gain new solutions. The results can be heard at concerts in June and December.

Systematically we create subtitles in Ukrainian and Belarusian for our repertoire performances. In the current socio-political situation, we consider the translation of performances into Belarusian and Ukrainian a gesture of understanding and respect for people who live in Poland and constitute a significant part of society.

Programs for schools

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    Iza Chlewińska

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    Paweł Sakowicz, Anna Smolar

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