Theatre without barriers

Theatre without barriers

Nowy Teatr
ul. Madalińskiego 10/16
02-513 Warszawa

Nowy Teatr based at Madalińskiego some 200 metres from the junction with Ul. Puławska. Entrance to the theatre is found some 10 metres from the junction with Ul. Sandomierska. 
One gesture fot. Maurycy Stankiewicz

Getting there:

Tram – tram stop Dworkowa by Ul. Puławska. Trams go towards Plac Zbawiciela and in the direction of Park Królikarnia no. 4, 10, 18, 35. 

Bus – bus stop Dworkowa on Ul. Puławska. Buses go towards Ul. Rakowiecka no. 138, 195, 222 and ul. Dolna no. 195, 222. Bus no. 138 in the direction of Ul. Bokserska stops at Dworkowa stop by Ul. Madalińskiego. All bus connections serviced by easy-access bus types. 

Metro – some 1.2 kilometres from Racławicka Station, and 1.20 kilometres from Pole Mokotowskie Station.


Nowy Teatr is based at the former MPO garage on Ul. Madalińskiego. He hall in which performances are staged, the office block and the outdoor courtyard both are based around were modernised in 2016 and modified to meet the needs of users with additional needs. 

Access to the theatre site: entrance via 3 small gates (from ul. Melsztyńska, ul. Św. Szczepana and ul. Madalinskiego) and two large gates (from ul. Melsztyńska and ul. Madalinskiego) leading to the theatre courtyard.

Parking: accessed via entrance from ul. Melsztyńska. Two marked disabled parking bays. It is possible to drive up to the very entrance – in this case, please contact the Accessibility Liaison Lead. 


Performances with audio-description:
Kabaret Warszawski
Audio-descriptions have been developed thanks to a grant from MKiDN.

Performances adapted in other ways:
• Each show accessible to wheelchair users
• Titles for the children's auditorium, such as MaMoMi, are accessible to children with mental and sensory impairments.

• Jeden Gest performances with involvement of and completely adapted for the needs of people with hearing impairments 


Using a grant from the city of Warsaw, we have purchased 20 sets of headphones designed for audio-description. 

Our events take place in:

Hall by ul. Madalińskiego 10/16

Entrance: wide, sliding doors (1.5m) giving access to the hall, containing tills, coffee shop, stage and auditorium. No variation of levels inside the hall. Between the foyer and the performance space there are two double doors, 2m wide. 

Auditorium: wheelchair are located in the throughway, in the front row on seats or else the seats are removed.
Toilet: Two toilets, doors 90cm wide.
Ticket desk: located in the theatre foyer in the main hall. Desk height 80cm. 

Coffee shop: bar height 90cm. 

Common room by ul. Madalińskiego 10/16

Access: opening doors (90cm). No level height variations inside. 

Auditorium: there is no fixed seating. Wheelchair users are given access depending on each type of performance. 

Toilet: One, doors 90cm wide. 

Accessibility Liaison Lead - person responsible for offering assistance and information regarding access to the theatre and all its facilities for persons with disabilities. We welcome requests from individuals and groups interested in specific performances with specific access requirements. These should be directed at our Accessibility Liaison Lead - Helena Świegocka:

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