150 years ago, the area currently occupied by Nowy Teatr was used as a clay pit for the production of bricks. After fifty years of operation, the clay pit was covered with waste heaps. In 1927, a workshop hall was built on the edge of the former excavation site to repair the trucks of the city's cleaning company.

These are the buildings where the history of Nowy Teatr began, initially renting several small rooms from the company. In 2012, the theater became the sole operator of the area and the historic workshop hall, eventually creating a 9 thousand square metre interdisciplinary cultural centre.

The flexible arrangement of the stage and audience allows for multiple simultaneous uses of space, whereby part of the hall may be used for a theatre performance, another part for an exhibition, and yet another for concert rehearsals.

The reconstructed link between the hall and the administration building became the main entrance to the centre from Madalińskiego Street.

The outdoor area provides the possibility of additional artistic and recreational space in the summer. It is a regular site of artistic installations, music events, and activities for children and youth. Artists, architects, and designers interested in testing new methods of using urban space are often invited to implement their ideas. The entire area has been fenced, but thanks to the possibility of opening parts of the fence, its openwork structure, and meandering course, we believe it has the ability to connect, not only to divide.

The main building also houses a bookshop which organizes regular literary events, and the Wars and Sawa bar, which offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Our place is friendly for everyone, with a space and playground for children and a welcoming policy for animals. We want this place to promote a sense of community and an openness to the world and the possibility of building bonds with it, not only by participating in joint artistic activities, but also by simply sharing time with others in one space. We want everyone to feel good here, in accordance with the principles of mutual respect and tolerance, laid out in our regulations that can be found in the link below:

The construction of the Nowy Teatr International Cultural Centre was financed by a grant of PLN 19,115,511 from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway within the framework of EEA and Norwegian funds and the national budget of Poland and the Capital City of Warsaw.

A detailed history of the space, its design, and individual stages of the construction can be found in the dedicated website:

We are building Nowy Teatr

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