To see something is to understand it.  In current choreographic research, the most interesting area concerns the tactics of visualization, which we aim to create and present. We follow a strategy of revealing the stitches/seams, discovering the structure of the composition. At the same time, we are fascinated by everyday movement, detached from its natural context and subject to a special organization.

We are interested in movement that becomes a building block of both physical and visual metaphors and effectively addresses both the condition of an individual and the socio-political situation. We use artistic and critical transformation of reality in order to observe and better understand the mechanisms governing it. We move choreography from the literal and metaphorical peripheries to the very centre. Not only do we produce dance performances, but we also present guest performances from all over the world. We expand the field – the field of view of choreography, the field of its action and influence, and finally the field of struggle for the autonomy of choreography.


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