Mother Joan of the Angels

Jan Klata

New play by acclaimed director Jan Klata

Premiere: 30.11.2019 Tickets: 80/70/60/50 PLN
Pass: 40 PLN
Play duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

New play by acclaimed director Jan Klata

Premiere: 30.11.2019 Tickets: 80/70/60/50 PLN
Pass: 40 PLN
Play duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

In spite of what certain superficially minded theologians might say, the devil is a mysterious, yet real, personified and not just symbolic reality. What is more, it is a dominant reality, a sinister freedom opposed to God, ruling over humanity, something we learn from the history of the human race. No human being has the strength to oppose Satan alone.  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Mother Joanna and the father of darkness.
An exorcist travels to the ends of the world to face off against Satan. 
There he finds love.
The End

– I will attempt to cast out this demon...
– I have inside of me nine demons: Behemoth, Balaam, Isaacaaron, Gresyl, Aman, Asmodeus, Begerit, Leviathan and Firestarter... And so Father doesn't believe in my possession?
– I have to believe, even if I do not want to.
– And who am I? I, a nun, a humble sister, for me to be accosted by nine mighty demons? Defend me, protect me, dear Father!
– We do not know much about the nature of demons, while that which they themselves tell us through the mouths of the possessed cannot be easily believed. Did you never consider that they are the sons of lies?
– What is a lie, Father reverend, and what is truth?

From Angel to Satan
This sly child beset for certain,
When will it fall down dead?
– C. K. Norwid

Of course... of course...
But maaaybe...
– Louis C.K.

– Lead Lord God into a human soul through the devil?
– And maybe this is not a bad way?  The devil occupies all of the most secret corners of our souls, filling them to the very brim. And then we chase the devil away. And so the human soul is emptied. And before the world can pour into this void, along with all its trifles and miseries, we will then pour into it the purest spirit of god's love. Maybe this is a way to create saints? Unless there are no devils at all!
– I can constantly feel his presence.
– Who? What?
– The evil one. I constantly sense his terrible works.

So if you see the Vulture coming
flying circles in your mind
Remember there is no escaping

for he will follow close behind
Only promise me a battle

a battle for
your soul and mine
– Gil Scott-Heron

– And do you believe in the devil?
– I believe.
– And have you seen him?
– I saw him.
– Horned?
– Winged he was. His face was that of mother superior.
– I believe in our holy catholic Church... -and here he laughed dismissively.

Welcome to a country where every newspaper kiosk sells a monthly magazine called Exorcist.

Welcome to the end of the world.

Welcome to Nowy Teatr to witness a dramatic confrontation between good and evil! A whole host of attractions await! We will show, for an example, how the Seraphim worship the Lord of Hosts and how the Thrones give praise to the Highest of the High! Metaphysical shivers, along with spectacular falls of humankind, included in the price of each ticket! Tickets now on sale!!! Those who fail to purchase tickets can kiss their lives goodbye.
Jan Klata



  • Based onMatka Joanna od Aniołów Jarosława Iwaszkiewicza 
  • Director, script, music arrangement: Jan Klata 
  • Set design, lighting design: Justyna Łagowska  
  • Costumes: Mirek Kaczmarek  
  • Choreography: Maćko Prusak 
  • Video: Tomasz Michalczewski
  • CastMałgorzata Biela, Bartosz Bielenia, Ewa Dałkowska, Emma Giegżno, Małgorzata Gorol, Wojciech Kalarus, Włodzimierz Końko, Zygmunt Malanowicz / Roman Gancarczyk, Jerzy Nasierowski, Ewelina Pankowska, Dorota Papis, Joanna Połeć / Magdalena Woleńska, Jacek Poniedziałek, Maciej Stuhr / Marcin Czarnik, Arkadiusz Pyć.

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