Winter Light

Ingmar Bergman | Tomasz Fryzeł

Premiere: 24.02.2023 Play duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

My God and I lived in a specially prearranged world, one in which everything was in order, so says Tomas Ericsson, the central protagonist of the Winter Light. That world, along with the God he believed in, are long gone while he, enduring in a barren reality, confronts the illusory nature of his old world views.

Next to this man of the cloth, battling with his own lack of faith, stand three characters all alike in their conditions. Marta Lundberg, an atheist touched by the miraculous power of a God she does not believe in. Jonas Persson, a man suffering from depression who is terrified by visions of impending atomic war. Algot Frövik —  a verger suffering from spinal disorder who reads about Christ's sufferings in order to overcome persistent insomnia.

Winter Light is a story about people contemplating the void left behind once all hope is lost. It is a meditation on the human condition suspended somewhere between hope which is present and hope absent in a vividly tangible form. It is a story about hopes which are compromised, lost, as well as those which are feasible, although they may be unnoticed.

In this adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's script four characters will once more experience events which occur in the original movie, in order to, through an expanded vivisection of the world and one's place in it, seek that which they did not see at the time. This theatrical story relates to the cinematic source material – a journey across the scenes and landscapes featured on screen which allows the world and human nature to be seen from a range of perspectives.



Based on: Winter Light by Ingmar Bergman
Translation: Alicja Karwas
Direction: Tomasz Fryzeł
Adaptation and Dramaturgy: Piotr Froń
Dramaturg's Assistant: Marianna Cieślak
Scenography and Costumes: Anna Oramus
Music: Nikodem Dybiński

Light Design: Klaudyna Schubert

Cast: Mariusz Bonaszewski, Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik, Marek Kalita, Wojciech Kalarus

Production: Anna Skała
Graphic Design: Studio Hekla

The grant project "New without barriers", financed as part of the "Culture without barriers" project implemented by the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons under Measure 4.3 of the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020.

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