Banality Of Evil – Fascism On Film

Series in form of lectures and screenings staged as a part of the Antifascist Year.

In Poland, the demons of fascism and extreme Right wing ideologies are once again coming alive. Not a century has gone by, and it appears that lessons learnt from World War II have been forgotten. This series of screenings is meant to remind us what fascist political movements were actually about. Fascism can be reborn, all its manifestations must not be ignored or dismissed. This set of films will show how it came to rise, what it was like and what 20th century fascism caused to happen. This is a series of nine lectures, combined with a cinematic retrospective.

Hosted by Tomasz Kolankiewicz

Past events

Other cycles


May 31

Peter Pan - premiere of the recording

Łukasz Kos
Theater / For kids

June 07

Masakra - premiere of the recording

Paweł Sakowicz

June 08

Masakra - premiere of the recording

Paweł Sakowicz

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