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The body generates spaces of risk and danger. It undermines itself. It can be non-normative, ill and disabled. Sometimes, the body malfunctions on the somatic level, thus becoming politically incorrect.
It always starts with itself the process of peculiar communication with the world: it exposes itself, it is unstable, in unending construction and revision, deconstruction and re-construction. It is subversive, exceeding the limits set by the political and cultural power which it is subordinate to. Consciously and unconsciously, the body participates in contemporary rituals. It draws from different cultures as constantly rebuilds itself from whatever it manages to absorb. The body is a process. It doesn’t have a constant identity or gender but it attaches itself to objects, places, animals, and even to elements of the virtual world. It constantly looks for new ways of communication. It seeks contact and closeness in ways (not) allowed by the surrounding context.

Concept, choreography: Iza Szostak

Curator of dance program Radical Proximity: Mateusz Szymanówka

Research: Anka Herbut
Music: Kuba Słomkowski
Production: Fundacja Burdąg
Coproduction: Maat Festival
Partners: Nowy Teatr, Centrum w Ruchu, Wawerskie Centrum Kultury
Cofinanced by m. st. Warszawa

regular 35 PLN
reduced price 25 PLN
pass 20 PLN

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