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Kühr / Schaufler / Harnik / Furrer / Gander

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Kühr / Schaufler / Harnik / Furrer / Gander

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Absolute music, clean music, autotelic, which is in itself its own narrative, doesn't need words. It is like Nautilus, a boat which adds more chambers to its spiral shell as it crosses undersea fathoms—this is how Elisabeth Harnik, a composer and improvisor, sees her own work. Rock, hard rock and metal is Bernhard Gander's favourite music —the one he started with, now transferring its energy to “classical” music, but in take nine he refers not to the famous Take five but to Blue Rondo à la Turk by Dave Brubeck and the characteristic oddnumbered rhythm to a 9/8 beat. Both Harnik and Gander are students of Beat Furrer. His linea dell'orizzonte (line of the horizon) is a study of the rules governing the transformation of particles which bind together and intertwine in an unending escape, creating a study of moving shadows.

Gerd Kühr Música Pura (2011)
Anselm Schaufler Via (2005)
Elisabeth Harnik re-framing I (2010)
Beat Furrer linea dell'orizzonte (2012)
Bernhard Gander take nine (2011)


Conductor: ANdrzej Bauer

Performers: Chain Ensamble 

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