James MacMillan Quartets 1, 2, 3 

The New Music Scene

The quality of the RSQ's album with James MacMillan's quartets has been appreciated all over the world, well beyond Great Britain. The music is modern, abstract, but also touching. MacMillan is inspired by Catholic theology, socialist ideas, history, and Scottish identity. To him, the greatest threat to music is the obsession with the visual and verbal aspects of contemporary culture. Therefore, his own sound structures do not need to be explained to work. "Notes and nothing more" – he says about his 3rd Quartet. That is all it takes. 

Royal Strong Quartet: 
Izabella Szałaj-Zimak  1st violin, 
Elwira Przybyłowska – 2nd violin,
Paweł Czarny – viola,
Michał Pepol – cello

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