Textures in Resounds

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Falkiewicz / Penderecki / Sikorski / Szymański 

Homo – and heterophonies, meaning various types of musical textures written for different orchestral voices, are the main theme of the concert. Partita IV by Szymański, with his trademark interplay between lines overlapping with similar contours (heterophony), and Concertino for trumpet and orchestra by Penderecki, dominated by a single melody over the other voices (homophony) are two very different examples of composer's thinking. Holzwege…  by Sikorski, author of the anti-homophonic Homofonia (1968), not keen on overly defined ways of organising musical spaces, is another, different sort of musical narration: a static, obsessively repeated frail motif is topped with elegiac sounds of other instruments, while dramaturgical censorships are marked with silence. The intensity of accumulated energy is ushered by compositions from Falkiewicz.

16.00-20.00  / 7 min             

Rehearsal Hall / Admission free /Age 16+ 

This short amateur film shot by Jacek Poniedzialek is an audiovisual installation focused on the legacy of Adam Falkiwiecz. It is an intimate recording filmed in the private apartment in Powiśle district in Warsaw where Adam Falkiewicz lived with his partner Dennis van der Veur, who is also visible in the video. The camera preserved the singing, the smile and charm of the young composer who performs a new song at his home piano. The installation can be viewed on the day of the concert: the 14th of December, when Falkiewicz's two symphonic compositions will be performed by the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra.  

Sinfonia Varsovia



Adam Falkiewicz – Wind  (2003)

Krzysztof Penderecki – Concertino (2015)

Tomasz Sikorski – Holzwege (1972)

Adam Falkiewicz – Counterpoint Seven  (2001) 

Paweł Szymański – Partita IV (1986)

Adam Falkiewicz – I lock the door upon myself



Bassen Akiki - conductor 

Jan Harasimowicz - trumpet 

Orkiestra Sinfonia Varsovia 


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