Lullaby for Scavengers

Kim Noble / International Festival New Europe. Escaping forward.

Play duration: 1 hour Tickets: 50/35 PLN

Lullaby for Scavengers. 
A lullaby is a soothing song. 
Scavengers eat dead animals. 

Kim Noble's ex-lover and co-host is an angry dead squirrel.  
The angry dead squirrel can talk. 
The piece is quite funny. 
The piece is about grand feelings. 
For example, people's fear of loneliness. 
It is also about our wishes and dreams.  

Kim Noble is an English cult comedian/artist. 
He lived in a sewer and in a tree. 
He got a very important theatre award in England.  
His performances are humorous, but the squirrel doesn’t think so. 
The performances are also about serious things.  
Like death and friendship. 


Kim Noble (UK) is an award-winning comedian and video artist. His multidisciplinary approach has led to theatre, TV, film, art and comedy. He was one half of Perrier Award-winning, BAFTA-nominated experi-mental comedy duo Noble and Silver. In 2017, Noble will begin a residency trajectory at CAMPO. In this context, in 2018 Kim Noble created the live radio show Wild Life FM together with director Pol Heyvaert and musician Jakob Ampe, and in 2020 he created the show Lullaby for Scavengers, the final part of his trilogy on loneliness and friendship. 

In his work, Kim Noble uses humour and provocation to expose the condition humaine: he mixes notions of death, sexuality, gender and religion with dry-comic tragedy and a heavy dose of absurdity. He has a girl’s name and no longer smells of wee.

Some of his track record:

  • Total Theatre Award 2014 - You’re Not Alone.
  • B&Q employee of the Month February 2014 (unofficial)
  • Writing/co-directing a Channel 4 series
  • Appearances in Garth Meringues Dark place, The Boosh, Noel Fieldings Luxury comedy
  • Kim Noble Will Die performed globally & in Wolverhampton
  • Guest professor at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
  • Regular workshops/tutor in video and art
  • Animations for BBC
  • 2000 best newcomer award Edinburgh festival
  • 2010 Award for innovation in comedy
  • Ongoing art exhibitions
  • Regular writings for various publications
  • mentoring and dramaturg on various shows
  • Wild Life FM, a radio performance show with Pol Heyvaert & Jakob Ampe
  • Futile Attempts (At Surviving Tomorrow), a podcast available on Spotify 

In cooperation with

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By & with Kim Noble 
Dramaturgy Pol Heyvaert 
technical Koen Goossens, Korneel Coessens, Seppe Brouckaert, Saul Mombaerts & Squirrel 
music DEEWEE 
production CAMPO Ghent 
coproduction Schauspiel Leipzig, Kampnagel Internationales Sommerfestival Hamburg & Festival actoral (Marseille) 

Kim would like to thank his mom and the staff at The Lord Stanly. CAMPO would like to thank Jeroen Vandesande, Toon Maillard and Michiel Tilley. Squirrel doesn’t want to thank anyone.


Première: 13 aug 2021, International Summer Festival of Kampnagel - Hamburg (Germany)

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