Nowy Teatr is announcing an open-call for a second edition of Summer Camp, a two-week International Interdisciplinary Academy which aims to attract  artists and encourage them to share their knowledge. The summer camp will be a place for the exchange of ideas and experiences, a dedicated space to spend time together, an opportunity for artists and participants to mingle, network, enrich, and support one another. The programme will be a balanced mixture of practice, learning, and discovery.

Participants of the Academy, supported by the artists leading the workshops, will practice, explore the city, discuss, conduct research, and learn from each other.

The Academy is designed for art professionals from all over the world. Participants can sign up for workshops via the open call. There will be approximately 12 participants in each workshop. There are always 3 workshops in the same time and participants facultatively choose in which workshops they want to participate. Attendance is required for the entire workshop. The workshops will be held in English, so the applicants should be able to communicate fluently.

Grab the PDF with all information

Summer Camp | New Rules pdf


June 27th - July 11th  2021 Warsaw, POLAND (15 days in total)


artists and art professionals (designers, production managers, curators etc...), no age limit


15 days of cultural activities & 10 days of intensive practical & theoretical workshops in theatre movement, sound, activism, design, architecture | ca 4-6 hours a day


Prodromos Tsinikoris  | 28-30.06.2021

Fragan Gehlker | 28-30.06.2021

BRAVE NEW WORLD Adrian Krężlik  | 28-30.06.2021

Noviki | 1-2.07.2021

Radio Kapitał | 1-2.07.2021

She She Pop | 1-3.07.2021

FIERCEBODY Marta Ziółek | 5-7.07.2021

Justyna Sobczyk &Justyna Wielgus, Teatr 21/Centre For inclusive Art |  5-7.07.2021

Sean Palmer | 5-7.07.2021

KDK - Cuture for Climate Collective | 8-10.07.2021

PLANTING DREAMS Anna Nowicka & Shelley Etkin | 8-10.07.2021

SEND NUDES Zofia Krawiec | 8-10.07.2021

Performances in Nowy Teatr in that time: Odyssey. A Story For Hollywood by Krzysztof Warlikowski, Expira by Agnieszka Kryst, Dance Mom by Wojtek Grudziński, Silenzio! by Ramona Nagabczyńska


open call from 19th April  to 10th May 2021 |


no application fee. /workshop  fee – 100 euros (for the entire perios)


accommodation (information about possible accommodation further down), flights,  workshop fee 



  1. Fill in the electronic application form in English:
  2. Attach your resume (500 words maximum) & provide us with the link to your online portfolio/website etc.

The application should be submitted by 10th May 2021 (23.59 CET)
The results will be announced by 17th of May


All applications will be evaluated by a board of arts professionals based on the following criteria:

  • Participant's experience in the artistic field
  • Relevance of your artistic/professional profile to the main idea and purpose of the Academy
  • Demonstration of an active commitment to engage in the workshops and dialogue with peers
  • Benefit to the applicant (at the present point in their career) from interaction with the artists leading the workshops and the other participants
  • The applicant's ability to meet cross-cultural challenges successfully

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you have any questions before submitting your application please contact us via email:



There are a few options for finding accommodation during the workshops.

  1. We encourage all applicants to accommodate at Chillout hostel at Poznańska Street near to the main location (
  2. After open call we will send all participants a 15 % discount code for online reservation. You can also easily find a place to stay via Airbnb or If you would have any questions or needed some help with tickets or accommodation please contact the production

All the questions regarding the application and open call please direct to:


If you need help to cover the participation fee please mention it in the application and provide a short explanation.

We will provide 10 scholarships (exemption from the participation fee) to those who apply for financial aid. We will send official invitation letters to those who wish to apply for support. We will be happy to provide any advice and guidance about the available mobility support programmes.



Summer Camp | New Rules pdf

The Summer Camp Academy is organized in cooperation with Komuna/Warszawa, La Comedie de  Clermont Ferrand & Athens Epidaurus Festival as a part of “Wandering in a search of a home the Ithaca project” Creative Europe.

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