The 4th New Europe International Festival. Love has just ended.
It was a great pleasure to invite exceptional personalities of European stage to Warsaw: Marina Otero, Samira Elagoz, Alexandra Bachzetsis and Ligia Lewis. The clearest, sharpest, and perhaps most controversial, Tender Monsters - that's what the curatorial team promised. And it worked!

A unique overview of intriguing theatrical works. A diagnosis of the modern world through a theatrical filter. This event is the most important review at the moment, stretched over several months, of contemporary foreign plays described as exploratory or avantgarde - wrote Gazeta Wyborcza.

- The flagship project of the capital's New Theater. We recommend it and give the whole initiative an okeye... stop, heart. Going More

Thank you for your sensitive presence and openness.
We are excited to announce the program of the next edition:

5th New Europe International Festival: LOUDER!

20-21 September | Rébecca Chaillon Carte noire nommée désir 

18-19 Octobre | Carolina Bianchi & Cara de Cavalo Cadela Força Trilogy Chapter 1: The Bride & The Goodnight Cinderella 

8-9 November | Nadia Beugré Prophétique (on est déjà né.es) 

6-7 December | Miet Warlop One Song 

foto: One Song © Michiel Devijver


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