Jan Sobolewski


According to the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, Sobolewski was one of the rising stars of the young generation of actors in 2018.

After graduating from the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Kraków, he joined the ensemble of Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz. According to the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, Sobolewski was one of the rising stars of the young generation of actors in 2018.

Sobolewski debuted in Krzysztof Garbaczewski's Podwórko at the Festival of Four Cultures in Łódź, which was followed by performances in Anna Smolar's Dybuk and Henrietta Lacks, Rabih Mroué's Tu Wersalu Nie Będzie (No Versailles Over Here!) , Weronika Szczawińska's Wojny, których nie przeżyłam (Wars I Have Not Lived Through), Paweł Wodziński's Global Civil War and Michał Borczuch's Żaby (Frogs), which won the Best Director Award at the Divine Comedy Festival.

Since February 2019, Jan Sobolewski has been an actor at Nowy Teatr.

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