We want our educational activities to be innovative, inspiring, emotional, and intriguing. Our goal is to promote openness and freedom in art and non-discrimination in social life. We want to draw attention to important social and aesthetic matters, raising difficult issues, questioning the status quo, and encouraging critical thinking from an early age. By combining various forms of participation, we strive to ensure active involvement of our audiences.

Our initiatives are intended for many different age groups. The idea is to broaden their field of knowledge and interests. We want to take science beyond academia, providing free access to discussions on things that matter. Accordingly, we organize workshops and lectures concerning various fields of art, science, and general knowledge for professionals and enthusiasts alike. We organize meetings with artists in the hope of encouraging others to make art because, to us, art is a starting point in the human effort to understand the world.

Programs for schools

Events for kids

  • Seas

    Theater / Music


    Pia Partum

  • Elementarz



    Michał Zadara

  • MaMoMi



    Iza Chlewińska

  • Peter Pan


    Peter Pan

    Łukasz Kos

Events for teens

  • Grupa warszawska


    Grupa warszawska

    Eglė Švedkauskaitė

  • Thriller



    Paweł Sakowicz, Anna Smolar

Events for adults

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