Komodo Dragons

Michał Borczuch's film debut.

A film based on two parallel stories. The first focuses on the documentary observation of a group of autistic adults living on the Farm of Life, while the second is a story about young parents, Agata and Franek, who want to sacrifice their son. We get to know the protagonists through ordinary everyday life, the work they do and their daily lives, while at the same time the theatricalised story of Agata and Franek leads us to a lawyer's office where we ask ourselves what a sacrifice is in the secular world. The film follows this juxtaposition of an intimate portrait of disabled people and an uncomfortable human fantasy, deliberately not seeking a way out of the occurring paradoxes.


  • SCRIPT, DIRECTION: Michał Borczuch
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Mleczko
  • EDITING: Beata Walentowska
  • SOUND: Jan Moszumański, Adam Mart, Bartosz Idzi 
  • COSTUMES: Dorota Nawrot
  • SCENOGRAPHY: Dorota Nawrot, Przemek Czepurko 

PRODUCTION: Michał Borczuch, Nowy Teatr


  • Dominika Biernat
  • Weronika Biernat 
  • Maria Bozowska- Bolak
  • Michał Cichy
  • Michał Dobrucki
  • Wojciech Gałuszka
  • Albert Jeżowski
  • Agnieszka Kilian 
  • Kamil Mroczkowski
  • Jerzy Michał Perzanowski
  • Robert Rosik
  • Rafał Rzeszut
  • Paweł Smagała
  • Grzegorz Wołkowicz
  • Krzysztof Zarzecki
  • Mariusz Zemanek
  • Michał Żydek

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