Solarium Nowego Teatru: Marcjanna


Is escape still even possible?

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Solarium Nowego Teatru: Marcjanna

Time Flies

You wake up and decide to leave the city overloaded with stress and capitalism. You pass the forever dug up streets and a dog that you don’t recognize. You take an uber and a bus, you go by boat. The sun stops measuring time and the sky is always cloudy or always bright. The quest for peace and rest becomes work in itself. Is escape still even possible?

In her latest film, Marcjanna uses intimate video materials, 3D animation, music borrowed from her friends and poetry to compose it all into a storyline of adventure and mystery. Her protagonists are as tired as the audience, but the idea of an expedition brings hope to all. In a bizarre road movie, the artist uses memories as art material ready to be transformed and to told anew. Time, just like little summer flies, shrinks and escapes. Sunsets are intermingled with close-ups of crying faces, and troubles crawl on the floor like toddlers. Everything you are about to see really happened. 

Marcjanna is a student of graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her artistic practice explores the limits of what is socially acceptable. She works in various techniques: from tattoo and painting to video art, and her style refers to punk and hip hop roots. She collaborates with musicians, TONFA and Phatrax. Affiliated with v9 gallery in Warsaw.

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