Salty Irina

Eve Leigh / Weronika Szczawińska / New Dramas

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In October we will present the text Salty Irina by Eve Leigh, a British playwright and theatre artist. This is a specific sort of situation comedy, filled with political engagement and civic passions – while also being a queer love story. Two young women, disturbed by waves of racist violence, decide to go to a festival organised by the far-right. Their story allows us to take a closer look at the tensions in contemporary Europe, its concerns – and hopes.

Following the reading, we will host a discussion with the artists.

In cooperation with


  • Director, curator: Weronika Szczawińska
  • Text: Eve Leigh
  • Translation: Piotr Polak



  • Małgorzata Biela
  • Pola Błasik
  • Ewelina Pankowska

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