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Kagel / Szalonek / Romitelli

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An electrifying concert — not just in the crazy sounds of electric guitars — also in the, hallucinogenic workings of a musical imagination. Professor Bad Trip's Lesson is the part of a trilogy Romitelli wrote influenced by the writings of Henri Michaux about mescaline and other mind-altering substances. The directions set by Mauricio Kagela's musical compass are also warped — this composer with Argentian–Jewish roots has lived in western Europe, encoding his anti–colonial criticism and irony in the title. Northwesten begins with an imaginary procession of Indians from the Andes, slowly nearing the audience. Norden refers to Siberian shamanic rituals. While Kagela from Romittelim link Connections by Witold Szalonek — the discoverer of “combined sounds”, whose sonorous inspiration came from the “oddness” of accidental sounds made by unskilled playing and sounds of non–European instruments.

Mauricio Kagel Die Stücke der Windrose: Nordwesten (1991),
Norden (1994)
Witold Szalonek Connections (1972)
Fausto Romitelli Professor Bad Trip, Lesson 2 (1999)


Conductor: ANdrzej Bauer

Performers: Chain Ensamble 


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