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Author reading event with Paweł Sołtys will be led by Zofia Król.

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Author reading event with Paweł Sołtys will be led by Zofia Król.

Foyer Free entry

Hunchbacked Bulat Okudzawa with his terrible Russian guitar, Isiah from Siekierki, a writer on the road, Grażyna, whose body is not enough to call her Grażyna, a drunken postie, limping Bartek, a cat and grandpa, Mr Gerber, who teaches history and takes photos of naked women, Danił Charms, who died of hunger, Buła, who hung himself, na elderly gent without savings – all whirl in a dizzying dance macabre – dance of death, a true carnival of life. In Grochow, Brno, Saska Kępa, in a Galician town where the tongues wagged further than the streets reached, and whispers tolled louder than church bells, in Pinsk, in Kiev, in Central Eastern Europe.

Paweł Sołtys (born 1978) - musician, songwriter, prose writer.

As Pablopavo, he released several albums and played in around a thousand concerts. He studied Russian philology, but did not complete his studies. He has published short stories in Lampa, Rita Baum, Studium, and Pismo. His prose debut Mikrotyki (Microtics) received the Marek Nowakowski Literary Award, the Gdynia Literary Award in the prose category, the Witold Gombrowicz Literary Award, and nominations for the NIKE Literary Award, Passports of Polityka 2017, the Cyprian Kamil Norwid Award, and the Conrad Award.

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