Kwartludium, robots, Arduino and game over

Tickets: 30 PLN

Contemporary composers, a musical group and individual, interactive objects which everyone can build. How to programme the process of composing music? How can the audience influence the end of a musical composition? Can a robot replace a violinist?  

Before the concert, at 6:30 pm, Dagna Sadkowska and Rafał Ryterski will conduct an interactive workshop for adults and youth from the age of 13. The violinist will also present the possibilities of Arduino. 


  • Programme: 

Rafał Ryterski Doppelganger for 4 instruments, electronic and electric mechanisms (2019, pre-performance) 

Teoniki Rożynek Bulb for the contrabass clarinet, piano, percussion and amplified violin, an electronic layer with video, live electronics and lighting (2019, pre-performance) 

Jan Duszyński Deaphone for violin, piano, contrabass clarinet, percussion  with VR technology (2019, pre-performance) 

  • Performers: 

Dagna Sadkowska violin 
Piotr Nowicki piano 
Paweł Nowicki percussion 
Michał Górczyński clarinet, bass clarinet 
Arduino, VR headset
Light installation Martyna Chojnacka 
Multimedia Maciej Gniady 

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