Featuring: Sound/ Przemysław Branas

New Europe nternational Festival. Insights

Part of the main New Europe Festival. Insights programme.

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Part of the main New Europe Festival. Insights programme.

Foyer Free entry

Flute Soup 

What would happen if we extracted the sweetest part of the carrot, and that which remains was turned into instruments resembling flutes?
What would happen if we blew air into them directly from our insides?
And what about the music made with such instruments – would it help people ingest more vitamins or beta-carotene?
What should we do once the performance is over? How to dispose of the unwanted instrument – is it enough to eat it as if one were a beast, erasing all signs of its existence?
If so, then who should eat the carrot – the musicians or the audience?
Will orange colouring around our lips and on our fingers give our actions away?
Is it at all ok to play with food in this fashion?

This composition for carrots was created in a DIY spirit using instruments made from carrots, inspired by the performance Farm Fatal by Philippe Quesne*

Composition: Rafał Ryterski

Curator: Michał Grzegorzek

The Approaches exhibition featuring: Sound focuses on contemporary works by Polish artists whose performative and para-performative activities represent the main area of interest in their arts practice (though they can be delivered in less than obvious ways).

The artists invited to take part have prepared new sound works, which thematically or formally refer to a chosen theatrical play: they represent an artistic answer, touching on similar questions or else offer up differing perspectives. These sorts of approaches allow a reading (listening) of individual pieces in the context of theatre or outside of it, as separate works. The body, superficially reduced to sound, becomes a starting point for all the projects.

Artists approach human beings in terms of dynamically occurring environmental, social or economic changes, as well as their consequences: the removal of governing structures or negotiations involving existing status-quos.


14-19.09 Justyna Banaszczyk/FOQL will comment on the show 3 Episodes of Life by Markus Öhrn

28.09-4.10 Gregor Różański will reference the show Imaginary Europe by Oliver Frljić

13-19.10 Kem will be inspired by Dries Verhoeven's video installation Guilty Landscapes

2-8.11 Przemysław Branas will comment on the show Farm Fatale by Philippe Quesne

30.11-5.12 Zorka Wollny will reference the show  I love you, Goodbye by Gob Squad


Curator: Michał Grzegorzek
Artists: Justyna Banaszczyk/FOQL, Gregor Różański, Kem, Przemysław Branas, Zorka Wollny

Funded by city of Wasaw

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