Generation After 4. Showcase #3

Generation After. Polish Performing Arts Showcase

A new school of thinking, radical approaches and personal statemets. The fourth edition moves online.

On-line event

A new school of thinking, radical approaches and personal statemets. The fourth edition moves online.

On-line event


16 September

12:00 In-pandemic theatre. Dispatch from Poland | Institutions Talk

The pandemic is just one of the many crises we are currently facing - and probably not the biggest. Get involved in a conversation about how we see the most important role, tasks and responsibility of the institution – led by Marta Keil and Grzegorz Reske (Performing Arts Institute).

15:00 Local Player Guided Tour | Teatr Powszechny | YOUTUBE

In the last four seasons Powszechny have created a space in the Warsaw district of Praga where there put on theatre and create a real space for public debate. Take a look inside the place that wants to help build a civil society based on democratic principles.

Guide: Paweł Sztarbowski

15:30 Local Player Guided Tour | Instytut Sztuk Performatywnych | VIMEO

InSzPer is developing the project of an international house for art work in Warsaw – a space where artists from the performative arts broadly understood will receive space, time and substantive suppor. Let's go on a journey through the dream space!      

18:00 Rechnitz. Opera – The Exterminating Angel | Kalwat | TR Warszawa

21:00 I will try to tell you, but it won’t go well | Karasińska | STUDIO teatrgaleria

Production I will try to tell you, but it won't go well: Komuna Warszawa. The performance was created as part of the Komuna Warszawa series  Before War / War / After War

Generation After 4. Showcase pdf

Times are becoming ever more unsettled, more questions arising, while answers - are even more chaotic. What’s new, what’s next? We’re all feeling the need for change – for many changes yet. But need in itself does not generatr any sort of new order. Hence, thinking about  generations after 2020, we are looking not just for new methods of creating, new souces and re-evaluated paradigms – making out territories of change. We are looking more closely at that which is known, seeing within it opportunities and limitations.

The fourth edition of Generation After 4. Showcase featuring the newest developments taking place on Polish theatrical stages, involving representatives and programmers of the most important festivals and theatrical institutions from Europe, Asia and America.

Beyond performaces, programme included talks led by Performing Arts Institute, a series of virtual guided tours at collaborating institutions, where building is only an exuse to share their visions, and 1-on-1 meetings with collaborating institutions and artists.

Fortunately, the theatre has a prophetic gift of feeling, anticipating and sensitizing to the emergence of social facts that are about to become part of our lives. Careful observation allows us to draw conclusions, and theatre is a keen observer of reality. Peeking inside the minds of the most radical artists working in new Polish theatre today.

Showcase Generation After 4. is a part of the International New Europe Festival financed by city of Warsaw.

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