Fuck Me

Marina Otero | 4th New Europe International Festival: Love / 4th New Europe International Festival: Love

A rising international choreographer from Argentina

Adults only English subtitles Play duration: 1 hour 10 minutes Tickets: 60/40 PLN

A rising international choreographer from Argentina

Adults only English subtitles Play duration: 1 hour 10 minutes Tickets: 60/40 PLN

 An artist who introduces herself as “a dancer who doesn’t dance.” Who has made it her life’s work to make her own life an artwork. Who speaks heartbreakingly, side-splittingly, and deeply about both her ill-starred love affairs and her mangled spleen.

“Call it narcissistic, but who else is going to talk about me if not me?” declares Otero in FUCK ME, an autobiographical work featuring five completely naked men dancing in place of her while she explains why it is she can no longer dance, starting with the story of her grandfather and his embroilment in the Argentinian dictatorship, then speaking about the surgery she has undergone and the realization of her physical decline, before going on to talk about her passion for love and travel and life and – as ever – for the stage.

She admits that “theater was more essential than my life” and proves it with LOVE ME – a solo work which finds her motionless at first, in complete darkness, updating in front of the audience her private diary and confessions as a foreigner who migrated from her country.

The two presented works are part of the Remember to Live project, based on building an endless work about her life in which she will be her own object of investigation until the day she dies. First up is FUCK ME, then comes LOVE ME. “Yes, fuck me and then love me. First fuck me, then let’s talk about love...” – so says Marina Otero.

*LOVE ME was co-created by Marina Otero and Martín Flores Cárdenas.

In cooperation with


Dramaturgy and Direction: Marina Otero
Performers: Augusto Chiappe, Cristian Vega, Fred Raposo, Juan Francisco Lopez, Bubica, Miguel Valdivieso & Marina Otero
Space & Lighting Design: Adrián Grimozzi
Space & Lighting On Tour - Technical Direction: David Seldes, Facundo David
Costume Design: Uriel Cistaro
Sound Design And Original Music: Julián Rodríguez Rona
Dramaturgy Advice: Martín Flores Cárdenas
Assistant Director: Lucrecia Pierpaoli
Choreographic Assistant: Lucía Giannoni
Assistant In Design Of Spaces And Lighting: Carolina Garcia Ugrin
Visual Artist: Lucio Bazzalo
Audiovisual Technical Montage: Florencia Labat
Costume Styling: Chu Riperto
Photography: Matías Kedak
Costume: Adriana Baldani
Executive Producer: Mariano De Mendonça

Production: Mariano De Mendonça, Marcia Rivas
Distribution & Delegated Production: Otto Productions, Timbre 4, Studio Grompone, Ptc Teatro

This play was premiered in Co-Production with The International Festival Of Buenos Aires (Fiba) 2020


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