Carte noire nommée désir

Rébecca Chaillon / 5th New Europe International Festival: Louder!

Play duration: 2 hours 40 minutes Tickets: 60, 40 PLN

Upcoming dates

Play duration: 2 hours 40 minutes Tickets: 60, 40 PLN

Upcoming dates

At the crossroads between fantasy and cabaret, a chaotic show written for eight black artists. A fierce polemic which lays waste to our dominant preconceptions and gives way to a joyous and militant expression.

Carte Noire Nommée Désir starts with a funny story about colour and colonialism. That marks the beginning of a poetic journey on stage by a group of eight performers. They appropriate their own history as black women, in a country that has still not decolonised its own imaginary world.

On this journey, they question the hypersexualisation and exoticisation of their bodies. They talk about thinks like their (in)visibility in France and abroad and their alienation from its whiteness and colonial history. Carte Noire Nommée Désir attempts to function as a performative empowerment, a work that spares neither the ears nor the eyes.

Rébecca Chaillon (France) A director, performer, author, and founder of the Compagnie Dans le ventre, Rébecca Chaillon directs shows and performances actively committed to the struggle against discriminations (be they sexual, racial, or gender-based). Said discriminations she questions with a rejoicing taste for the grotesque. Her work explores the systemic mechanisms which discriminate against black people. Her vision for the stage hybridises languages and brings down the walls between artistic practices by offering powerful and striking images.


Text and staging by Rébecca Chaillon
With Estelle Borel, Rébecca Chaillon, Aurore Déon, Maëva Husband taking turns with Olivia Mabounga, Ophélie Mac, Makeda Monnet, Fatou Siby, Davide-Christelle Sanvee
Role created by Bebe Melkor-Kadior
Dramaturgy Céline Champinot
Assistant staging Olivia Mabounga and Jojo Armaing
Stage design Camille Riquier and Shehrazad Dermé
Sound design and management Elisa Monteil and Issa Gouchène
Stage management Suzanne Péchenart
Light design and operation Myriam Adjalle
Construction Samuel Chenier and Baptiste Odet
Artistic collaborations Aurore Déon, Suzanne Péchenart
Production / Development L’Oeil Ecoute – Mara Teboul & Elise Bernard
Tour management / Communication L’Oeil Ecoute – Mara Teboul & Élise Bernard

Production: Compagnie Dans le Ventre
Coproduction: Coproduction et accueil en résidence La Manufacture – CDN Nancy Lorraine, Le Carreau du Temple, Établissement culturel et sportif de la Ville de Paris, Le Maillon – Théâtre de Strasbourg scène européenne, La Scène Nationale d'Orléans, Le Fond de Dotation Porosus, Le Fond Transfabrik – Fond franco-allemand pour le spectacle vivant, Le Nordwind Festival, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – Scène nationale, L’Aire libre – Centre de Production des Paroles contemporaines, Rennes, La Ferme du Buisson – Scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée, CDN de Normandie – Rouen Le Théâtre Dijon-Bourgogne CDN La Rose des Vents La rose des vents, Scène nationale Lille Métropole, Villeneuve d’Ascq Coproduction le phénix scène nationale Pôle européen de création dans le cadre du Campus partagé Amiens – Valenciennes, Théâtre Sorano

Premiere: 9.11.2021 Théâtre de la Manufacture – CDN de Nancy 


Trigger Warning: The performance includes explicit content, which could be upsetting for BIPOC and, in particular, people affected by colonial racism. 
The performance contains nudity. Strobe lights, fog and bleach will be used during the performance. 


September 20

Carte noire nommée désir

Rébecca Chaillon

September 21

Carte noire nommée désir

Rébecca Chaillon
Polish subtitles

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