Jäckie Rydz

Babylon was sin. Babylon was paradise. Leave everything behind, we promise it will pay off.

Tickets: 45 PLN, 35 PLN

Babylon was sin. Babylon was paradise. Leave everything behind, we promise it will pay off.

Tickets: 45 PLN, 35 PLN

Performance is about babies, or rather not making babies, but breeding something different. Fantasies of a different life or this life. Babylon is a world in this world. We sing and scream and search for happiness with you. It looks like we’re in a church but with trans-bodies on the altar that play mother, whore and bride. The question arises if they are just playing or are they really the trans-egos of our culture’s most honorable members that mistreats its  their mothers, whores and brides. Babylon gives birth to the attention to these honorable members, these people who mean the world to us, love and honor to these people, a celebration of love and their care work.

It is research work around the question of what remains when humanity is trans, gay and on childbirth strike. Who needs an oedipus-complex if you can have Babylon?

Get ready for the world of BABYLON which is hell and which is heaven. Leave everything behind, we promise it will pay off. Follow us to Babylon! We guarantee safe travels.

During the performance, a pulsating light resembling a stroboscopic light will appear - important information for people who are particularly sensitive to stimuli.

Babylon is a Polish-German co-production. The premiere will take place in April 2023 in Warsaw at the Nowy Teatr. BABYLON will then be performed at studio NAXOS Frankfurt in July 2023 as part of the ITI Academy x Theater der Welt Festival.

Babylon is being created as part of the Change-Now! programme, whose leader is the Theater Academy in Warsaw - co-organizer of the performance. It is funded by Erasmus+, the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation, the Hessian Theatre Academy, Nowy Teatr Warsaw and studio NAXOS Frankfurt.


CHANGE–NOW!  is an international educational programme led by the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. Its aim is to develop new proposals for theatre education and practice based on democratic, subjective and collaborative principles (sometimes far from the traditional teaching model), responding to dynamic social transformations and changing conditions of work in culture, taking into account the transformations that are taking place in the post-pandemic theatre environment. An important element of the programme is co-production of performances directed by young artists, created in collaboration with renowned Warsaw theatres, based on the synergy effect: exchange of good practices and mutual learning.

The performance is part of the project „Change-Now!” funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. The performance reflects the views of the authors only and the European Commission and the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme are not responsible for its content.

Babylon hymnal / ENG pdf



Jäckie Rydz (they/them) is a polish-german writer, performer and stage designer. In their artistic research they currently focus on social phenomenons from a queer perspective by its interlocking of capitalism, christian religion and pop culture. Their interdisciplinary artistic approach combines immersive stage designs along with poetic texts and post-dramatic performance. Jäckie has presented productions in Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Luxemburg and Giessen. After their Bachelor in Stage Design at University of the Arts Berlin they now study in the Master programme of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. Jäckie has been a fellow of the ChangeNow! programme since 2021 and a fellow of the International Theatre Institute Academy as part of Theater der Welt 2023 since 2022. 

Martix Navrot (he/him, xe/xem) – performer, queer rapper and poet,  AI researcher and XR prototyper. 1/2 of artistic queer duo Eternal Engine. Work with mediums such as 3D, video, vj sets, text, scream, AV, VR, AI as well as real objects or performative lectures. Immersed in research topics such as quantum queer enviroments, techgnosis and neural networks subconsciousness, cyberfeminism, psychedelic rap. In 2016 -2019 member of underground queer feminist performance group called Pussymantra.  Recent projects: Xenon x PLK (Foksal Gallery Fundation) Insider at Discomfort of the Evening exhibition at Zachęta gallery, Enter The Chamber at Skala Gallery, Queer Realities (in progress), Tellurian Insider performance at S_P_I_T Queer Performance Festival in Vienna, Xenon x Aemix on HackLab CTM 2023 in Berlin, Metaverse Consulting at Unsound: Bubbles 2022 in Kraków. In 2022 he was listed on European Change Makers of 2022 published annually by We Are Europe - Creative Europe project.

Nikolas Stäudte (no pronouns) studied German as a Foreign Language and Applied Theatre Science and works in different collaborative contexts in the field of theater, performance and film. Lately more on stage, Nikolas works and worked as a performer with collectives like She She Pop and service not included - exploring the intersection of movement, performance and happening. In the past Nikolas also created the costumes for several dance pieces and performances.

Mateusz Korsak (he/him), polish actor, visual artist. Interested in transhumanizm, relationship between human and web. 2019-2021 co-creator of animation series by Close Collective. Worked on video/vr in Stary Theatre in Cracov, Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, The Teatr Wielki in Warsaw or Theater Freiburg.

Teresa Fazan (she/her) – researcher and author, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw and Gender Studies at the Central European University. She publishes articles, works in cultural production, and collaborates with artists as a dramaturge. 

Concept/Text/Stage Design: Jäckie Rydz
Performers: Martix Navrot, Jäckie Rydz, Nikolas Stäudte
Music: Martix Navrot
Costumes: Nikolas Stäudte
Dramaturgy/ Hymnal Text: Teresa Fazan
Visuals: Mateusz Korsak
Artistic Assistance: Ada Branecka
Production Nowy Teatr: Angelika Mizinska, Zuzanna Kubiak
Production Frankfurt: Greta Klein
Promotion: Igor Sekuła
Stage Manager: Marta Śmierzchalska
Subtitles: Zofia Szymanowska
Technical Manager: Tomasz Zin
Video: Maria Porzyc, Tomasz Jóźwin
Light: Karol Białek 
Sound: Wojciech Starowicz, Adrian Hutyriak, Olgierd Dobraszak

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