2118. Karasińska

Anna Karasińska

How do you imagine the theater in 100 years?

Premiere: 27.03.2018 Play duration: 1 hour

How do you imagine the theater in 100 years?

Premiere: 27.03.2018 Play duration: 1 hour

The future exists only in theory – we cannot experience it because the essence of an experience is that it happens in the present. When we think about the future, we discover that its image, which we consider to be our own, is a conglomerate of other people’s imaginations and motifs that we have learnt before; countless films and books, forecasts of specialists from various fields – from technology to morality, or constant speculations in everyday human discourse based on fear or hope. In the preparation of our performance, we moved around the theme of theatre of the future as in a virtual puzzle. The more hours we spent working on inventing the future, the more we wanted to be here and now and experience somethink.


Guest cast

  • Monika Frajczyk
  • Dobromir Dymecki


  • Director: Anna Karasińska
  • Concept: Anna Karasińska, Magdalena Rydzewska
  • Text: Anna Karasińska 
  • Lighting design: Szymon Kluz
  • Scenography: Anna Met
  • Music: Mirosław Burkot, DJ ŻUK
  • Curator: Tomasz Plata


  • Magdalena Cielecka 
  • Dobromir Dymecki
  • Monika Frajczyk
  • Bartosz Gelner
  • Magdalena Popławska


  •  O mio babbino caro aria z opery Gianni Schicchi autorzy: Giacomo Puccini i Giovacchino Forzano
  •  Dancin’ to the sound of a broken heart Autorzy: Eklow Linus Johan, Karlsson Christian Lars, Koitzsch Jimmy Kennet, Morier Nicole Louise, Pontare Vincent Fred, Tilli Johan Rafael

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